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What are cell phone jammers

Cellular signal jammers, also known as mobile blockers, GSM jammers, or cellphone jammers, are devices that emit signals on the same frequency band as mobile phones, disrupting communication between the phone and the base station. This can cause a jam, and block wireless communications in that area. Jammers can be used in almost any location, but are often found in places where a phone call would be disruptive, such as entertainment venues.

Jammers have the capability to disrupt signal reception for users, leading to a loss of mobile phone signals and calls. Consequently, individuals may encounter signal loss or a notable decline in signal strength. Additionally, jammers can disrupt GPS, WiFi,UAV, and other communication devices such as walkie-talkies.

How cell phone jammers work

Jamming a cell phone signal is comparable to interfering with any form of radio communication. The functionality of a cell phone relies on the transmission of signals from its service station. A jamming device operates by emitting radio frequencies that mimic those of the cell phone, resulting in a denial of service attack. Consequently, the radio spectrum within the device's range experiences disruption.

A cell phone jammer functions within the identical frequency range as the mobile operators. In Europe and Asia, the frequency is 900MHz and 1800MHz, while in the US, it is 1.9GHz.

Jammers can effectively disrupt various communication bands and technologies, including CDMA, AMPS, iDEN, DCS, and others. Both analog and digital cell phones are equally susceptible to jamming. The jamming range of a device is determined by its power source and placement. Portable jammers, as well as larger ones, can interfere with signals within a range of approximately 40+ feet, while bigger devices can extend their reach up to half a mile.

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