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how to stop a cell phone jammer
are cell phone jammers legal
how cell phone jammers work
how to stop a cell phone jammer
are cell phone jammers legal
how cell phone jammers work

Desktop recording jammer indoor anti-eavesdropping blockers

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The desktop recording jammer (camouflage version) is the star product of the recording jammer series, suitable for occasions such as leadership offices and small conference rooms.

The main advantages of this product are:Stronger shielding effect: Compared with other products in the series, the output interference signal power of the desktop recording jammer (camouflage version) is higher, so the noise signal picked up by the recording device is stronger, and the shielding effect is stronger.

Longer shielding distance: Compared with other products, the shielding distance is farther. Generally, the shielding distance of better recording equipment can reach about 2-3 meters, and some recording equipment, such as some mobile phones, micro-bugs, etc., The shielding distance can even reach more than 3-5 meters.

Covering a wider range of equipment: For the current mainstream recording equipment, the camouflage recording blocker can basically block, and its coverage rate can reach more than 95%, which is much higher than similar products on the market.


1.The jammers are customized according to the frequency bands of different countries, please confirm that the purchase country and the actual use country are consistent. Otherwise it can not be used.Please read the jammer function before purchasing.

2.If the low power jammers(such as handheld jammers) to blocker signal device(such asWIFI router, Bluetooth audio equipment, etc.), the effect will be poor or even can not jammer.

3.It is forbidden to use while charging.

4.Do not use handheld jammers as desktop jammers.

5.Do not use jammers before connecting the antenna.

Model EO00016
Jamming radius 2-3 meters
Shielding angle horizontal 120°/vertical 120°
Power supply mode adapter
Working hours unlimited (adapter)
Working temperature 0℃-45℃
Working voltage 12V
Weight 6kg
Accessories adapter/remote control/power cord
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