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The vehicle office portable 12 Antennas Cell Blocker

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Product description:

The 12-way mobile phone signal blocker is a green mobile phone signal blocker,which only blocks the reception of mobile phones in the field and has no impact on the surrounding base stations.The machine adopts 12 output channels,which can be 1-10 meters (depending on the strength of the base station signal).Range for domestic and foreign use of mobile phone in the conventional frequency:All kinds of mobile phone signals are blocked,so that all mobile phones in the shield and the outside world contactcompletely interrupted.

Installation instructions:

1. Before installing the device,please install the antenna correctly according to the logo,and then turn on the power to avoid burning the machine.lt can be used in vehicular,office,and othersmall shieldingplaces.

2. The device comes with a rechargeable battery.which can be used for cycle charging,and can be used for 2 hours once charged. It has battery protection function inside,constant current constant voltage charging has overcurrent and overheat protection,charging status indicator,charging current detection.lf it is not used for a long time.please pay attention to the maintenance charge once everyhalfmonth.

Packing list of products:

Hand-held 12-way 1 set

Car power 1 piece

The antenna 12 piece

15V power supply 1 piece

The instructions 1 piece

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