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phone jammer bag
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cell phone jammer bag
phone jammer bag
wi fi blocker bag
cell phone jammer bag

Anti degaussing anti electromagnetic radiation cellphone security bag

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The mainfunction:

1. Block mobile phone signals: It is suitable as an information security bag for mobile phones and also has the function of a "mobile phone resting bag". For example, if a mobile phone is put into the inner layer of the information security bag, the mobile phone will be in a strictly protected state. The phone itself will "sleep" and is not controlled by any remote control device. When someone calls the mobile phone, they will receive a prompt that "the user you are calling is temporarily out of the service area."

2. Anti-degaussing: Putting various memory cards, electronic products with storage media, etc. into the mobile phone security bag can protect the data information stored in them, eliminate static electricity, reduce the interference of electromagnetic fields on the stored content, and prevent data loss. If you put your bank card in an information security bag, you can prevent the mobile phone signal from degaussing the bank card and avoid the trouble of demagnetizing the tape.

3. Protection against electromagnetic radiation: Putting the mobile phone into the safety bag and placing it open can prevent the electromagnetic radiation of the mobile phone and protect the health of the body.

For people:

1. People who carry various memory cards and storage electronic products.

2. People who want to politely reject the call.

3. Military personnel, law enforcement personnel and personnel with access to state secrets.

4. Persons with contact and custody of professional or technical secrets, such as company leaders, engineers, civil servants, information processing personnel, etc.

5. Pregnant women, people with heart disease and pacemakers, etc. who are threatened by electromagnetic radiation.

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