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gsm jammers
portable gsm jammer
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The handheld GSM Jammer effectively interfere with 2G/3G/4G GPS blocker

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Product features:

1.All by the latest patch components and integrated circuit,the use of simple, stable performance.

2.The surface uses the most advanced international oxidationtreatment, the use of aluminum shell, good heat dissipation.

3.The effective shielding distance radius of 1-20 meters, thesignal intensity of interference radius still depends on thespecific region.

4.The body can have a clear visual part of the power indicator,side by side with a separate switch control key.

5.Cooling fan, can be used directly in the car, car charger andAC charger.

6.Easy to carry hidden, low power consumption, no damageto the human body and environmental protection.

Model EOTXN8
Jamming frequencies CDMA: 800MHz
BD/GPS: 1200MHz
WIFI: 2400MHz
GSM: 900MHz
GPS: 1500MHz
VHF: 135MHz
DCS: 1800MHz
4G: 700MHz,2300MHz,2600MHz
3G: 2000MHz, 2100MHz
4G: 2600MHz
Power Supply AC100~240-DC12V
Voltage AC110-240V DC12V
Device size 130×80×37 cm
Device weight 1kg
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