Welcome To Silencejammer This Is The Most Professional Jammer Store, We Guarantee To Provide Your With The Highest Quality And The Cheapest Products.

About Shipping & Returns


When you place your order, you can choose the shipping method as needed.

1.If you choose to Free Shipping, then you need to wait 7-10 business days. We will send a tracking number to your for cargo tracking.

2.If you choose to Expedited Shipping, then you need to wait 4-7 working days. We will send a tracking number to your for cargo tracking.


1. Delivery time varies from your location

2. Customs clearance may delay the arrival of the items to you

3. We will start production after accepting your order and payment, usually 2-3 days for ship , I hope you can wait patiently

Shipping Security

Your order can be traced on the internet and insured by the standard insurance of the courier you chose. We will send you the tracking number after we deliver your order. In the case of lost, damaged or wrongly deliver the goods, you should immediately notify the courier; or you can contact us, we would investigate it and help you to make possible insurance claims, and accordingly you may have to submit us some relative photos or documents as a proof. We will also base on the instance to consider the resend or refund to you.


Excellent product quality, has always been the biggest feature of silencejammer. We test all our products with strict standard before ship out. The test includes the appearance and the functions of the goods, the inclusion of applicable accessories and the packaging.

Quality Guarantee Policy

All our products come with 15 days refund, 30 days replacement, 1 year warranty after-sales service. (The warranty period begins from the receipt of the goods by the initial recipient)

We accept the returns only on the condition that the product you bought from us itself is defective and it should within the warranty period.

Shipping Cost for Returning

Return shipping is borne by the silencejammer(seller)


1.Within 15 days after you receive the products

2.Keep the item in good condition without any appearance damages, so that you can get the full refund for the possible quality problems.

3.After we receive the returned item, we would contact you and refund you according to the condition of the item.