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wi-fi jammer for home
wi-fi jammer
wi-fi jammer for home
wi-fi jammer

The adjustable 8-band signal scrambler suit for phone,VHF, GPS and WIFI signal

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Product Informations:

In the initial stages, signal jammers were only capable of obstructing a specific range of frequencies, like 2G. However, advanced jammers emerged that could simultaneously block multiple types of networks, such as 2-3G. Presently, this jammer has become even more potent. Serving as a versatile desktop jammer, this device can obstruct 8 frequency bands, including all cell phone signals like GSM/CDMA, 3G, and 4G. Additionally, it can also disrupt GPS, WIFI, and other signals. With a power output of 19W, this jammer possesses an extensive range and ensures stable signal blocking. It is equipped with individual frequency switches, allowing users to selectively enable or disable specific frequency bands as per their requirements. Moreover, it features a power adjustable function, enabling users to modify the interference range as needed.


This product, being one of the most sought-after desktop jammers, offers numerous benefits:

1. It has the capability to disrupt signals of GSM/CDMA/DCS/PHS/WCDMA/TD-SCDMA/CDMA2000/Wifi/GPS/4G.

2. It is designed to operate continuously for a full 24 hours.

3. It possesses an extensive jamming range of 40 meters.

Model 8341CA-8B
Jamming frequencies CDMA: 870-880MHz
GSM: 930-960MHz
DCS/PHS: 1805-1918MHz
3G: 2010-2145MHz
4G: 2300-2400MHz
WIFI 2.4G: 2400-2500MHz
GPS: 1570-1580MHz
VHF: 135-174MHz or 315MHz/433MHZ
UHF: 400-470MHz or 420-480MHz or 450-470MHz
Jamming radius Up to 40 meters
Power supply Used after connecting the power supply
Total output power 19W
Operating temperature -10℃ to +50℃
Operating humidity 5% to 80%
Device size 140mm*51mm*350mm
Device weight 3200 g
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