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wireless jammer device
wifi jammer
wireless jammer
wireless jammer device
wifi jammer
wireless jammer

This jammer as a engineering cell blocker 3G 4G 5G IPHONE signal jammer

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Product Informations:

The sole 5G phone jammer available in the market is currently being developed for the upcoming 5G mobile signals. Extensive testing has confirmed its effectiveness. Apart from 5G signals, this device is capable of jamming 3G, 4G, and WiFi signals, blocking all cell phone signals. Whether you are in a private business, library, or movie theater, this device is essential.


1. Excellent thermal dissipation capabilities, enabling prolonged operation and extended lifespan.

2. The sole device capable of disrupting 5G cell phone signals.

3. With a power output of 100W, it can disrupt signals within a range of 5-55 meters.

Model TX-100
Jamming frequencies 2G: 870-880 MHz
2G: 925-960 MHz
2G: 1805-1920 MHz
3G: 2010-2025 MHz
3G: 2110-2175 MHz
4G: 2300-2390 MHz
WiFi: 2400-2485 MHz
4G: 2550~2675 MHz
5G: 3400-3600 MHz
5G: 4800-4900 MHz
Jamming radius Up to 55 meters
Power supply Power plug
Total output power 100W
Voltage AC110-240V DC12V
Operating temperature -10℃ to +50℃
Operating humidity 5% to 80%
Device size 321mm*185mm*80mm
Device weight 4500 g
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