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car gps signal jammer
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best gps jammer for car

Car Obd Port Beidou Jamming Device Gps Blocker

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Product description:

Please read the instructions carefully before use for correct installation and quick use. The color of the product is subject to the actual product. This product shields GPS/Beidou satellite signals and does not affect the transmission of other signals. It is mainly anti-tracking and positioning to protect your personal Privacy and security.

Instructions for quick use of products:

1. Find the OBD port of the car (computer diagnostic port) Find a way: Open Baidu/ Google Web page - enter the year, brand, model of the car, Plus + OBD port where? Then Baidu/ Google will prompt the location of the OBD port.

2.Plug the product into the OBD port to turn on the electricity and light the working lamp.

3.The OBD interface of automobile is used to detect the diagnosis interface of the vehicle. It is idle at ordinary times. Inserting this OBD jammer has no effect on the function of the vehicle.

Model EO001201
Jamming frequencies GPS:1550-1600MHz
Interface OBD
Power supply Direct 12-36V
Shielding radius 3-8meters,depending on the intensity of environmental signals
Device size 50x30x30mm
Device weight 20.4g
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