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drone jammer for sale
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Backpack style bcsk-b80 drone shielding device 2.4g 5.8g gps jammer

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Product description:
  1. Composition: interception system host, charging power supply, built-in battery, transmitting antenna.
  2. Portable design: backpack design, portable mobile use.
  3. Control mode: Land on the spot or return to the take-off point.
  4. The farthest control distance: 1500 meters (covering the entire low-altitude open area)
  5. Built-in high-capacity lithium battery: can be used in any place, the lithium battery can be used for continuous working time of the device for 120 minutes.
  6. Simple operation: one-key switch machine, remote video, free choice of three modes: on-site landing, return to home and take-off point.
  7. Appearance: backpack-like appearance design, effectively deterring the target suspect.
  8. Can independently control remote control, gps positioning, and remote video transmission.
Mainly used in:

1. Protection of domestic no-fly areas, such as prisons, military management zones, national strategic resource projects, nuclear industrial facilities, airports, political areas, etc.

2. Sites to prevent information leakage, such as: major criminal cases, urban management law enforcement sites, important security sites, politicians accompanying protection. The rehearsal of the performance, the site of archaeological excavations, and the scene of large-scale group events.

3. Crack down on cases where drones are used as carriers of illegal activities, such as drug trafficking/trafficking, smuggling, illegal goods or information transmission.This product combines a drone shielding device and a GPS jammer, which can effectively prevent drone intrusion and interfere with GPS signals, ensuring comprehensive safety.

Model EO00008
Jamming frequencies GPS: 1560-1580MHZ
2.4G: 2400-2500MHZ
5.8G: 5700-5800MHZ
Effective control distance 0-1500 meters
Return landing accuracy ≤5 meters
Lithium battery working time 70 minutes
Battery life 120 minutes
Interference frequency bands 5 frequency bands
Use environment -25℃/+50℃
Protection level IP55
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