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wifi jamming
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wifi jamming
wireless small camera hidden
wifi blocking

Cheap Portable Signal Detector Monitoring Wireless Jammers

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Product description:

Wireless eavesdropping involves sending audio or gps detector video signals via electromagnetic waves. The wireless door knock detector is a machine specially designed to detect and fix the location of hidden wireless door knock devices.

As wireless eavesdropping technology develops, the performance of such devices continues to improve. Due to their small size, low transmit power, complex modulation, long range, fast speed, remote controllability and strong concealment, they are increasingly difficult to detect.

Wireless knock detectors are used to detect and accurately determine the position of a working knock device at a target location. It is one of the most advanced portable wireless signal detectors.


1. Professional, sensitive, modular threshold, wide detection frequency range.

2. Sound and light alarm indicator light, easy to use.

3. Suitable for military, government, commercial and other places.

4. Good electromagnetic compatibility.

5. Compact and portable.

Model EO010102
Detecting frequency range 1MHz-8000MHz
Main detecting frequency range 800MHz-2500MHz
Detection sensitivity ≤0.05mw (in main detecting frequency range)
Working range >70Db
Indicator 9 grades of LED light indicators / tonal modification sound indicator
Battery 9V packed cell
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