With the popularity of wireless networks and smartphones, the problem of students using mobile phones in class and during exams has become increasingly serious. This not only affects the learning environment, but also threatens the fairness of exams. In order to solve this problem, more and more schools are beginning to install cell phone jammers to ensure the discipline and fairness of exams.

  Modern signal jammers can not only block traditional 2G, 3G, and 4G signals, but also the latest 5G signals and 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi channels. This means that students cannot access the Internet, send text messages, or make calls through wireless networks during exams, thus eliminating the possibility of cheating using mobile phones. In addition to wireless signals, students may also try to access the Internet through wired networks. However, cell phone jammers are mainly aimed at wireless signals and are powerless against wired network connections. If students use the LAN interface to access the Internet, the jammer will not be able to prevent this behavior. Therefore, schools need to take comprehensive measures to ensure the purity and fairness of the exam environment.

  Many schools have installed cell phone signal jammers in examination halls and achieved remarkable results. In these schools, almost no cases of cheating using mobile phones were found during the examinations. Some schools even use signal jammers in daily classes to prevent students from playing with their mobile phones in class and ensure that students can focus on their learning tasks.

  For example, during a final exam, a cell phone signal jammer installed in a middle school successfully blocked a student's attempt to cheat by using his mobile phone to surf the Internet, and the phone was eventually confiscated by the teacher. Although the student brought his mobile phone into the examination room, the phone could not receive any signal due to the blocked signal, and he ultimately failed to cheat. This case illustrates the effectiveness of cell phone jammers in ensuring the fairness of the examination.

  The use of cell phone signal jammers greatly ensures the fairness and justice of the examination. By blocking various wireless signals, these devices can effectively prevent students from using mobile phones to cheat during the examination, creating a fair and transparent examination environment for the school. At the same time, signal jammers also help improve classroom discipline and make students more focused on learning.